How much does it cost?

As a wedding venue the first question people tend to ask is “How much does it cost?” Okay, sometimes it’s the second question… after asking whether or not we have their date available.  Ultimately “cost” is what all couples think about at the very beginning of their planning process because it’s hard to take care of any details without a budget in mind.

As simple of a question as it is, the answer is really quite complicated unfortunately! The total cost for your wedding reception can vary greatly and there are many factors that contribute to the final dollar amount.  Here are some of those factors laid out for you:

  1. GUEST COUNT. How much will your wedding cost?  Well that will depend on how many people you plan on inviting (and how many RSVP with a yes).  If you want to have a wedding for 30 people the cost will be drastically lower than if you have 250. MY ADVICE? Before you start calling around to venues for pricing, make your guest list. This does two things… gives you a realistic number to estimate, and when reviewing the list closely will give you an idea of how many people will actually come to the wedding (hint – an average wedding gets about 80% of their invited guests to attend their big day).
  2. DATE. Did you know that a lot of venues (including us!) offer discounts for off-peak wedding dates?  For example… if you plan a Friday or Sunday wedding you will save on package prices as well as have lower food/beverage minimums.  Or if you have your wedding in November – March rather than April – October. Other vendors may also offer discounts (such as DJ Services) during these off peak times. MY ADVICE? When discussing your wedding budget keep this in mind if you’re trying to figure out a way to save on cost.
  3. PACKAGE. How much will your wedding cost?  That will depend on whether you choose a $30 per person package, or a $100 per person package.  Do you want to serve chicken or steak?  Host drinks for your guests or no?  We have a huge range of pricing but of course every package includes different items.  We have to talk through that process in order to find which package is the right fit for your wedding.  MY ADVICE? Think about what is most important to you for your wedding day when starting to research your venues, whether it be food, bar, décor, etc…

Thinking about these things prior to starting your venue search can be helpful in not only determining your reception budget, but getting a bit of an idea what is important to you on this most special day.

September 14th, 2017|Embassy News, General|