‘Tis the Season for a Winter Wedding!

Here in Minnesota, winter is never the preferred season for a wedding.  While it does create the possible travel challenge due to inclement weather, in general winter can still be the perfect time for a wedding!  Why do we like winter weddings?  There are several reasons, and we’ve included a few here for you.  Be sure to click on the link at the bottom to visit our Pinterest Board with tons of winter wedding ideas!!

  1. The Photographs.  Couples tend to think the summer sunshine and greenery make the best photos.  But, have you seen photos from a winter wedding with a fresh snowfall, or if you’re lucky enough, snowflakes falling the day of your wedding!?  Absolutely breathtaking.
  2. The Color Schemes.  There are endless options for a color scheme with a winter wedding.  Sure, some are more common than others… white, silver, gold, bluish silver, etc… No matter what you choose, it works with the season.
  3. Food & Beverage Trends.  With a winter wedding, don’t shy away from the trends of the season.  Set up a Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider Bar to warm up your guests.  Do a “Hot Toddy” as your signature cocktail.  Have a “Build Your Own S’More” Station to warm up your guests.
  4. Available Discounts.  When you’re planning an off season wedding (at our venue, we consider this November – March), you typically save some $$!  Here the discounts will vary based on date, but other vendors such as photographers, DJs, and more will tend to offer lower rates in the winter season as well.
  5. Slower Time of Year.  Unless you’re planning right around the holidays, typically winter weddings are in a time where your guests have less going on.  Since it’s not the most popular time of year for a wedding, yours might be the only one they go to in a few months – so there’s more excitement!  Sometimes with summer weddings, there are so many in one season… break it up a bit and give them something to celebrate during the quieter time of year!

Visit our  Pinterest Board for some great ideas when planning your winter wedding.

December 23rd, 2015|Embassy News|