Wedding Thank You

We take great pride in making sure all of our weddings are over-the-top happy after their event is complete.  For that reason, when we get “Thank You” emails like the one below it truly makes our day!  Working with Vanessa and Chris was wonderful, and we could not be happier for them!


Allie!  I started to respond to your email from my phone but what I have to say is far too lengthy for text style typing.

We are beyond pleased with the level of service we received from you and the entire staff at Embassy over the past year, especially this past weekend! Even our guests have been raving (I’m not exaggerating) about what great service they received while attending our reception. The room was GORGEOUS! I don’t know what I expected but I do know it far exceeded my expectations. Carlos is AMAZING! I’m trying to figure out how we proceed with adopting you and Carlos in to our family. Any ideas?? Hahaha! I just can’t say how much I appreciate you guys ensuring our day went off without a hitch. And the food??? Delicious!!!  I’m sad we weren’t there for social hour – from what I hear, the guests thoroughly enjoyed the spread.

I understand why you “team” with Midwest Sound. We gave Zac our vision for what we wanted in terms of music (no playlist) and he made it happen… just the way we wanted it. We (including our guests) enjoyed the variety and Zac’s energy.

The front desk staff was friendly, welcoming and attentive. The kicker – Chris and I misplaced our bag after the reception. I was stranded in our room with no clothes other than my wedding dress. The front desk staff was very helpful and showed concern for a mishap that really was not issue of theirs but they allowed it to be their issue and were ready and willing to help. The bag was located by my stepmom. Before she even got to my room the front desk was calling to let me know, they bag had been found and was on it’s way to me. When we were checking out, they were still showing concern about the bag and making sure I had found it. Circling back to Carlos… of course the bag was safe and sound in the room with our items (center piece). Why? Because Carlos and his team were/are AMAZING and considerate enough to safely stow it away with our other items. J J

I would recommend you and your team(s) to anybody looking to have any event. I sincerely mean that, Allie! You are so patient, fun and courteous. I can tell you enjoy what you do for a living just by the way you keep things going. I named Carlos a lot in this email but I also want to acknowledge Victor, Matt and James! They were also fantastic!! The people I listed are just the people I dealt with the most over the weekend and got to know by first name. That doesn’t mean the rest of the staff was sub-par by any means because as I stated above, all the guests I’ve spoken to were more than pleased with the staff members they dealt with throughout the entire weekend. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! (I will be working on online reviews this weekend!)

We will be back — even if it’s just a stay-cation for me and Chris!!!!

 – – Vanessa

July 1st, 2017|Embassy News|